Muscle Recovery Supplement

One of the Best L-Arginine Supplements for Muscle Recovery

There is a reason Amino Alliance is becoming one of the most popular products for fast and natural muscle recovery: real people are talking about us all over the internet and in gyms across the country. Simply tear, pour, stir and drink 20 minutes prior to a workout (or post-workout if you’d like), and enjoy faster muscle relief without side-effects or the strange sensations over-the-counter products create. Learn more about Amino Alliance below.

Amino Alliance Muscle Recovery Supplement
Try Amino Alliance as a muscle recovery supplement and start having more effective workouts today! 3 Key Benefits:
  1. Reduced Muscle Pain
  2. Faster Recovery Time
  3. No harsh taste or side effects

Everything You Need to Know About Recovery

Amino Alliance was the brainchild of renown scientist Arne van der Gen, and has become the “go-to” muscle recovery supplement for noteworthy bodybuilders everywhere. But what are we talking about when we use the word recovery? As it relates to Amino Alliance, recovery is a recipe made of ingredients that include a breakthrough formula (that’s where we come in), combined with physical methods such as stretching, and of course, rest. Recovery is crucial to functionality. If we don’t recover we can’t perform, live our lives, be independent and useful to others.

Muscle Injury and Recovery

The most common injury is muscle soreness, bruises, stiffness and tears. Recovery can take from days to months, depending on type and severity.


What is a bruise and how can we treat it?

Most bruises are from blunt force impact or muscle sprains  . This happens when we are hit or hit something or someone with enough force to damage our capillary system (small blood vessels within and below the skin layers, causing the blood to pool, but the impact is not enough to break our skin or bone. However, if we do break, dislocate or tear a ligament bruising will accrue as well.

There are also various disease that cause bruising.

Acute Muscle Soreness

Chemical Muscle Soreness occurs when we engage in vigorous exercise and our inter-muscular cellular metabolism can’t keep up with supply and demand. At some point during the activity there’s more waste material (mainly lactic acid) building up in the muscle than the blood flow can carry off and replenish the cells with nutrition (ATP, glucose). This process is not yet fully understood.

Delayed Muscle Soreness

Physical Muscle Soreness, officially called Delayed Onset Muscular Soreness (DOMS), is essentially caused by microscopic tears within the muscle fibers during during exercises where the untrained muscle is stretched and contracted (eccentric movements). This also happens by design, when an athlete like a sprinter or body builder deliberately pushes muscles beyond the pain barrier, training the muscle group to failure, forcing the muscle to adapt over time. With proper recovery and nutrition the muscles can deliver more energy/power at a longer/higher cyclical rate over longer periods and or become larger and often also stronger in the case of power lifters and body builders, all of which train in different ways. 

Sprinters want to avoid muscle mass that doesn’t serve their demand for faster cyclical rates, starting speed and stamina. Their goal is to be the first to go over the finish line, not, unlike body builders, have proportional legs whose only function is look amazing, but couldn’t run a competitive lap if their lives depended on it.

Power lifters’ objective is to be stronger, not how big or freakishly “ripped” and “vascular” their legs/body bome, something body builders aspire. Powerlifters and “strong man” often carry a lot of fat due to feeding their keeping bodies in to a positive, anaerobic (muscle building) state.

The extra mass happens to also serve as a counter mass to make it easier to handle heavy weights during competition and training. Their approach carries risk of heart attacks by the enormous strain during training, competition, their diet and steroid use brings these men to the brink of serious injury, all for the sake of being stronger than the day before, until age, wear/tear serious injury or death puts and end to their journey of pain and gain.

Torn muscles, even broken bones, brain hemorrhages, seizures are all part of the risk the take. Recovery plays a vital role and we all learn a lot from people will ing to put their lives at risk in order to seek physical limits that all of us benefit from. 

Avoiding Injury

It’s a fine balance to sense the pain and chose to continue without actually causing serious muscle damage to occur. You have to find your athletic boundaries to avoid tearing muscles and tendons, all of which require long recovery periods. Sometimes forever negatively alternating the mobility and strength output of the muscle. Especially if not enough rest and treatment is applied.

Warming up and make a habit of intermittent stretching session at the first signs of onset muscle tightness will avoid unnecessary injuries. Make sure to hold a stretch for at least two minutes for the muscles fibers to actually stretch and not merely tighten back up. Slow, controlled full range of motion stretching will avoid more injury and has the best results.

Not following these guidelines will result in incapacitation of the affected muscle groups.

Remedies for Muscle Soreness

Immediate icing of the affected muscles will keep some of the inflammatory swelling response to a minimum. Don’t allow skin to connect with the ice or frozen ice-packs, bean bags, or whatever you’re using. Right after an hour of icing it is good to apply heat. This can be done in combination with gentle subtle stretching as to evaluate the extend of the injury and to allow blood to enter the area.

Feeding Exercises

All muscle groups that are affected by either lactic acid and micro-tears in the muscle fiber benefit from light weight full range of motion exercises as to feed the muscle with a tightened blood flow. In the end it’s all about blood flow, expelling waste material and delivering glucose, and amino acid building blocks (and a host of other natural chemicals) being transported in to the cells.

If we squatted heavy, rode our bicycle, hiked up a mountain or did anything new for a long time we experience muscle soreness in our legs and to paddle for about 30 to 45 minutes on a stationary bicycle will pump blood through the affected muscles and expedite the healing/recovery process.


In order to facilitate, even accelerate the recovery process, nutrient dense foods are crucial. Slow burning carbs like yams, pinto and garbanzo beans, brown rice, leafy greens, red beats (good for blood flow) egg whites (or the entire egg), and coconut/raw cold pressed olive oil will help fuel and repair the body.

The body is designed to digest whole foods and every form of processing, including adding synthetic or natural additives, colorants, flavors, preservatives, taste enhancers, fillers and any other form of artificial garbage hurts the absorption of the few actual nutritional substances that remain in these packaged foods.

It’s not easy to change the food industry sponsored brainwashing and let go of foods we become accustomed to, that became part of our culture. A culture that is poisoned and far too heavily controlled by greed fueled corporate interests that have absolutely no empathy for your health. Overweight children in schools are the result of efforts by lobbyist, who, on behalf they’re industrial clients, who’s only obsession is to get away with adding more and more sugar, fillers and other toxins in foods that should have been healthy, but make people sick. It’s nothing short of a crime, but yet, they get away with it, indeed. The only way to stop it is by not closing their low quality products and eat things your body and your doctor agree with. 

Meat v/s Vegetarian

Red and processed meat is not healthy and ample research shows that animal based foods can actually shorten life by causing disease. Several Olympic athletes who switched to an all natural plant based diet saw their performances improve dramatically. Some credit their change to winning Gold medals and feeling much better overall. Also from a longevity stance is it wise to make the transition, or at least limit animal based foods to a minimum. This includes fish, especially farm raised and shell fish, scavengers like crab and oysters, scallops and lobsters. None of them are healthy and research shows the concentration of heavy metals within these foods causes cancer and neurological ailments. 

Muscle Supplementation

There are a few chemical compounds that can be taken to accelerate the process. The best being a mixture of amino acids and a slow carb, isomaltulose. The objective is to rid the body of lactic acid and ammonia and replace broken protein molecules with new ones in order to rebuild the tissues. Single amino acids are not as effective as properly balanced blends of them. Foods too are good, but they too have their limits.

When professor Arne van der Gen Ph.D., set out to develop a product that is proven to improve blood flow and there fore recovery he based his blend on the 1998 Nobel Prize given to three different scientist who all took part in the study. They demonstrated the importance of nitric oxide and how it behaves in the body and where it comes from. A product called Amino Alliance was the result of professor Arne’s research and it’s now widely used by post operative patients and anyone interested in advancing longevity, recovery, deep sleep and overall well being. To stimulate the process of vasodilation, which accelerates cellular recovery, is the basis for all of these fucnction, including the process of autophagy. Without optimal vasodilation the body cannot function optimally.

It’s rare to actually find a product made by a scientist who is proud to attach his name to it. Most products are made by people none of the consumers know, people who are too embarrassed to be associated with the stuff they develop.

All in all, it’s safe to say that most supplements are ineffective and sometimes even toxic and to be avoided. Vit-A can be dangerous in high doses and so is iron. Herbal remedies are often effective, but also represent a risk if the doses are not carefully followed. It is, for example, not recommended to take Yohimbe extracts since it can damage the heart.

Always ask a qualified medical professional before taking active ingredients, especially long term.