Pre-Workout Supplement

An L-Arginine Powered Supplement for Maximizing Your Workout

Amino Alliance only uses ingredients that are scientifically proven to support functions the body no longer performs at sufficient levels after reaching maturity. We don’t use stimulants since they do not help longevity and can cause problems.

Try Amino Alliance as a pre-workout supplement and start maximizing your workouts! 3 Key Benefits:
  1. Reduced Muscle Pain
  2. Faster Recovery Time
  3. No harsh taste or side effects

What is “Pre-Work-Out”?

The concept of Pre-Workout is to artificially accelerate your body’s energy systems with substances that prepare it for the onslaught of demands placed in the gym, on the track or any other place you decide to challenge yourself. These substances have only one objective: to enhance physical and mental performance. However, many of these products do not serve longevity and may even be unhealthy for you in the short and long term.

How Does It Work?

By slow-delivery of the right type and quality amino acids Amino Alliance enhances endothelial cell induced vasodilation and intramuscular cellular metabolism which in turn boost the natural exchange of fuel and waste products. In simple terms: Amino Alliance relaxes the vascular system (your veins, arteries and capillaries) which enhances the delivery of blood into the cells. Without proper blood flow nothing happens, and the lack of it causes many of the disease we deal with. In other words, it’s fast, tasteless, and effective.

Why Does Amino Alliance Not Include Stimulants?

In order to push yourself, while staying healthy, activating your natural systems of adaptation and recovery are the best way. This can be done and has been done for thousands of years. If you want a higher testosterone output while lowering your estrogen levels make changes to your diet and start regular short sprinting sessions (HIIT training) about 3 to 5 times per week. Every sprint is between 20 to 30 seconds long. In between these sprints you calmly walk for 1 to 2 minutes.

Make sure you rest and eat enough (of the right unprocessed foods) after training with weights as well as make regular changes to the way you train. Surprising your muscles and energy system by changing routines every few weeks forces adaption and better muscle development, balance and hand to eye coordination.

What Foods Should I Avoid?

Stay away from flax seed, canola and saturated polyunsaturated oils and simple sugars, un-sprouted wheat based breads, processed meats (lower intake of animal based foods in general) and all forms of artificial garbage. Over time you’ll see and feel the difference in a way that is sustainable.

Best Pre-Work-Out Foods and Methods

If your goal is to not burn fat by forcing your body into ketosis allowing your body to convert fat into energy), depletes liver and blood borne glycogen during an extended workout, then eat nothing before your workout.

But if you do not want to burn fat, but instead stay in a nitrogen positive state (anaerobic), then eat warm or cold oatmeal, pre-soaked muesli, pinto beans, chickpeas and brown rice all of which offer slow burning energy source, two hours before your workout. If you also eat some egg whites for protein these too will give you enough energy to push your body through an extended workout without converting muscle mass into glycogen.

Optimally you don’t work out to burn a lot of fat, since burning fat reserves that you need in order to function and recover will need to to be replaced. If you want to lose fat and haven’t worked out yet, then yes, a bit of slow pace cardio can help, but ideally you only eat as much as you need to operate the body and convert fat into muscle by training with weights.

Depending on your lean body ratio, you may not even lose overall weight, but instead transform fat into muscle mass, which is far more dense and burns fat even during rest periods, 24/7.

Can Fun Foods Be Used as a Pre-Workout Energy Source?

Does this mean that you cannot eat pizza, a hamburger and other fun foods, before or after a workout, or any other time? No, because you can, just not every day and ideally only a few times per month.

Since you, if you eat healthy, create margins of tolerance, you are certainly allowed to eat these fun foods without negative impact on your health, even if you guzzle down a pint of low sugar ice cream once per month. There is a paradox that shows that if you have done “cheat-day” per week or every ten days you actually accelerate your metabolic rate.

What Else Can I Do to Increase My Output?

Three days of water only fasts, once every 5 to 6 weeks heighten your natural testosterone and energy output, dramatically. It is very important to understand the power of fasting. It not only gives rest to your digestive system, (also killing the bad bacteria), but also triggers a process called autophagy, the removal of dead cells at a heightened rate.

It sharpens the mind and does NOT “eat away” muscle mass, unless you train heavy during your fast and continue beyond four days. You actually may gain muscle mass faster after your fast because of the heightened efficiency of your digestive and endocrine systems.

Make sure to restart your normal diet slowly. Best is to look online (YouTube) for good advice and you’ll enjoy the benefits.